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Presents to


A World-Class Amusement and Water Park

The Iconic Entry To The Plaza
Leads Guests To Awaiting Adventure!

In The Heart Of Downtown!

Creating A World-Class Destination

Six Flags has 26 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada with world-class coasters, family rides for all ages and thrilling water parks.

Booking Platform &

Players Club Card

We will work with Plaza Hotel and Casino through our booking engine to deliver guests to the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

The ultimate water park/hotel adventure package.

World-Class Sponsors

Top Dollar Entertainment has strategic relationships with the following World Wide National Brands!

AEG Worldwide
Live Nation
National Liquor Brands
Southwest Airlines
Carnival Cruises
Buffalo Wild Wings

We will Incorporate National Sponsors into our rides, retail and promotions. This is just the beginning. 

A visionary company that created, designed, built and operated Fly Linq on the Las Vegas Strip.
A $20M Development in partnership with Caesars Entertainment.

Highly Experienced Developmental Team


Gary G. Baldwin

CEO & Founder

Frank Manzullo

Director of Design and Engineering

Susan Hunt-Krygiell

Director of Property Acquisitions and Leasing

Fabian Barahona

Creative Director & Chief Marketing Officer

Highly Experienced Developmental Team

Architectural & Engineering 

Ride Operations & Safety

Project Management

Ride Development & Manufacturing 





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